Thursday, May 15, 2014

Maui Vacation-Day 6 & 7

Maui Trip Report Day 6-April 29, 2014

We had nothing planned for these last 2 days…

Another overcast & rainy morning, but that didn’t bother us…went down to the beach and walked a bit. Saw this on the beach, love searching for “hearts”.

Sun decided to show up so I walked over to a local clothing store next to Times Market and took some pics along the way.

Afterwards my cousin still needed a few souvenirs and I suggested going back to Lahaina…needed another shave ice! ;) Got the same flavors as before but got the mini versions this time, perfect size for us, those others are huge!

Went into this neat little store and got a wonderful & uplifting little book for myself & my mom.

Right next door they have a canvas art store…I got the hammock one there on top…and a gorgeous & colorful wine/fruit print for my mom. Some stunning art pieces, loved the turtle one they had, so vivid…but my favorite was of some palm trees called coconut dreams, gotta love that title!

Back to the condo…beach & lounge time!

   View down from our 11th floor lanai.

Dinner, I wanted to go to Duke’s next door or even the Hula Grill, but got outvoted and we went to CJ’s. Reviews were good for this place…we didn’t like it, at all. I had the fish tacos, cousin the fish & chips and hubby had the Fried Rice, fish was bland and we hardly ate any of it, very disappointed. The bird that flew in was entertaining though, should have tossed him our food, haha. If you want some amazing fried rice go to the Gazebo, just wish we’d gone back there instead, too bad they close so early!
Another beautiful sunset…our last one in Maui. 

Day 7-April 30, 2014

Our last day on the island, looks like it’ll be a sunny one! We got up early and went walking along the beach. The shirt says it all…a dream come true! 

Someone was busy!
Looking back towards the Mahana

I like all the different layers and colors in this shot. Water was so clear this day.
Luckily we got to extend our stay at the Mahana until 4:00, check out is at 12:00 but for a nominal fee we got those few extra hours. Our flight leaves at 8:45, so it worked out perfectly for us. :)

We thought about going to Duke’s or the Hula Grill for lunch…but someone was craving ONE last shave ice (wonder who that could be, lol) and we knew we wanted a good meal after the disappointing dinner last night…so off to Lahaina to Kimo’s and Ululani’s again…we highly recommend those two places! ;)

Saw these while at Kimo’s right below us on the rocks AND a bigger one right on the railing there when we sat down, moved to fast to get a pic though.


Back to the condo to get those last rays of sunshine and packing done, glad we got most of it done the night before.

We stopped at Da Kitchen for dinner, wish we’d been able to stop here after our flight arrived! Food was great, me and hubs had a chicken sandwich and my cousin had beef skewers and rice, looked like they had lots of great things on the menu…next time. 
And guess what…it was raining once again! Gotta say it was nice leaving in the rain and not while the sun was shining... knowing we might be missing another great sunset.

Gas at Costco was $4.28, took the car back (great rental through Dollar!) had the porter take care of our bags…great flights back, not much turbulence at all. ;) It was sad to leave but I always try and remember this Dr. Seuss quote…

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”